Pulling artifacts from Nexus 3 in 25 lines of bash

Pulling artifacts from Nexus 3 can be very easy using the provided API. This is an example of how to pull (and check the integrity of) an artifact in less than 25 lines of bash.

Blocking porn with Pi-hole

Using my new project called my-pihole-blocklists it is possible to create custom blocklists to block porn (among other things) using a pihole. More lists and creation scripts are coming soon to block a number of possibly unwanted sites.

Monitoring a Dell PERC 6/i

chk_raid.sh is a small shell script designed to be run from cron that will monitor the health of your PERC array and warn (via email) of any errors.

Learning and Using RPM

Learning and using the RPM Package Manager is necessary for any adminstrator or power user to successfully use a Red Hat (CentOS) based system. Learn about the history, advantages, and especially ways to successfully use RPM.